Airfield Maintenance & Repair

Help USAF improve the maintenance and repair of its airfields by leveraging autonomous technology, enabling data-driven decision-making, and integrating advanced airfield surfaces.



Every minute an airfield is left damaged and unusable due to weather, attacks, or other seismic events, its base and national security are left vulnerable. Lengthy repairs and debris removal on the open airfield put Airmen in harm's way and support missions and supply chains are suspended. Currently, with many labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes, such as raw data review and detection, our warfighters are hindered from working efficiently. There is a lack of autonomous technology in current airfield maintenance operations within the United States Air Force (USAF).

As one of three challenges focused on Revolutionizing USAF Flightline Operations, this challenge seeks solutions from business, academia, industry, and government to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of airfield maintenance and repair. Applied solutions should benefit routine aircraft maintenance, timely repair after an attack, or removal of foreign objects. Focus areas of this challenge include advanced airfield surfaces such as pavement, paint, markings, and lighting to improve the utilization of the airfield and reduce maintenance and an integrated system of sensors to enable data-driven decisions across the airfield. The goal is to implement solutions that meet or exceed the challenge criteria within a 12-24 month period.

What's in it for you?

USAF and AFWERX possess innovation funding to designate towards exploring viable solutions and partnerships to further strengthen the Air Force. USAF has prototype funding available for individuals or companies who propose solutions to this specific challenge. Expert evaluators will carefully examine compelling challenge solutions presented within this crowdsourcing platform, and the best solutions could lead to additional prototyping, R&D and production contracts to be granted after the initial award. Your participation could lead to official recognition for you or your company and the chance to work alongside the Air Force and other DoD agencies to see your concept mature into impactful real-life implementation!