300+ Teams Advance to the Base of the Future Showcase

300+ Teams Advance to the Base of the Future Showcase

Earlier this spring, AFWERX, the U.S. Air Force’s technology innovation hub, set its sights on a herculean undertaking—help rebuild the hurricane-ravaged Tyndall AFB and bring the base of the future to fruition. In association with Tyndall AFB Project Management Office stakeholders and other Department of Defense entities, AFWERX launched the Base of the Future Challenges. The initiative consisted of six concurrent challenges, each focused on separate topics aimed to attract innovative solutions to help restore Tyndall AFB and modernize installations nationwide. The focal topic areas include Base Security, Installation Resilience, Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness, Reverse Engineering, Culture of Innovation, and Airman and Family Wellbeing. 

Eight weeks later, the Base of the Future Challenges solicited a record-breaking 1,500+ online proposals. Solutions ranged from disruptive cybersecurity technology to virtual assistants on bases and AI-enhanced platforms for decision making. Of these submissions, 374 solutions proposed by individuals and teams from the public and private sectors have been selected to advance on. These solution owners are invited to present their innovative solutions at the Base of the Future Showcase, which is the flagship effort of this year’s AFWERX Fusion event. Due to the global health crisis, Fusion will take place as a virtual event this coming July 28-30. 

Nevertheless, Fusion organizers welcome newfound perks of having a virtual event like its eco-friendly impact on society and increased accessibility for attendees. Available to anybody anywhere, Fusion will be a highly interactive live-streamed online event jam-packed with inspiring keynote speakers, daily workshops, and unexpected entertainment. Invited teams will take center stage in a digital interactive showcase and exhibit their cutting edge solutions to Air Force leadership, key military decision-makers, and operators. Selected teams will deliver private pitches to U.S. Government evaluators and participate in networking opportunities to mix and mingle with other exhibitors.

The goal is to select the best solutions and guide them through future contracting, funding, and prototyping to further develop their concepts into real-word implementation to benefit the Air Force, our warfighters, the Department of Defense, and allied partners worldwide. Registration for this year’s event reached nearly 1,500 in less than two days! Registration numbers continue to climb as the event rears closer.

“This event underscores our commitment and mission to increase collaboration between innovators and entrepreneurs to bring accelerated solutions to the U.S. Air Force,” stated Mark Rowland, AFWERX Vegas Innovation Actualizer. “The Base of the Future initiative will enhance the modernization of our Air Force infrastructures and culture. Our goal is to leverage the best technology and best practices to create an integrated base while improving security, resilience, agility, and wellbeing.”

In advance of the upcoming showcase, AFWERX would like to thank all participants who submitted their solutions and the many evaluators who are integral to the success of the AFWERX Challenge Process. Best of luck to the exhibitors advancing to the showcase. We are excited about the potential partnerships with industry, academia, and beyond to solve some of the critical issues impacting the Air Force's Airmen and their mission.

To read the latest details about the teams involved and to register for the event, visit AFWERXFusion.com. Registration is open to the general public.


Established in 2017, AFWERX is a product of the U.S. Air Force, directly envisioned by former Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson. Her vision of AFWERX — solve some of the toughest challenges that the Air Force faces through innovation and collaboration amongst our nation’s top subject matter experts. AFWERX serves as a catalyst to unleash new approaches for the warfighter through a growing ecosystem of innovators. AFWERX and the U.S. Air Force are committed to exploring viable solutions and partnerships to further strengthen the Air Force, which could lead to additional prototyping, R&D, and follow-on production contracts.