Sky High Relief Challenge

Help us develop a safe, reliable and effective system to provide female aircrew with the capability of bladder relief during flight.


In this challenge, the U.S. Air Force is seeking solutions to develop a new female bladder relief system that will provide female aircrew with the capability of bladder relief during flight without interfering with operations or compromising user safety. Current mission profiles and the ability for mid-air refueling have led to longer flight times for aircrew who need to be able to urinate multiple times during flight without removal of restraint systems and life support equipment. Many female flight crews resort to dehydration to avoid the difficulties and potential dangers of having to relieve themselves inflight, which can lead to reduced physical and cognitive performance and health issues. Focusing on addressing women's needs at the highest levels of the Air Force demonstrates USAF's commitment to inclusion and gender equality among peer aircrew. 

Join us to develop an improved bladder relief system that will effectively allow female aircrew to remain hydrated and urinate with ease throughout flights. Providing them with female-specific equipment that functions safely and reliably will lead to vast improvements in their physical and mental health and enable them to focus on their missions with minimal distraction.

What's in it for you?

USAF and AFWERX possess innovation funding to designate towards exploring viable solutions and partnerships to further strengthen the Air Force. USAF has prototype funding available for individuals or companies who propose solutions to this specific challenge. Expert evaluators will carefully examine compelling challenge solutions presented within this crowdsourcing platform, and the best solutions could lead to additional prototyping, R&D and production contracts to be granted after the initial award. Your participation could lead to official recognition for you or your company and the chance to work alongside the Air Force and other DoD agencies to see your concept mature into impactful real-life implementation!