Integrated Respirator Information System (IRIS) Challenge

Help us prepare the Integrated Respirator Information System (IRIS), a respirator designed with audio visual capabilities, toward further development to improve communication for maintainers in hazardous areas.


A team based out of RAF Mildenhall in England designed the Integrated Respirator Information System (IRIS), a respirator with audio visual capabilities to enhance communication for maintainers working in isolated, confined and dangerous environments. Morse code, tapping through barriers, hand signals, tugging on ropes and other rudimentary methods are the current means to communicate while in these hazardous areas. This challenge is seeking solutions to help prepare IRIS towards the next phase of development and expound on the specific problem areas that the final design must address. Help us determine what testing or certification is needed to push IRIS forward to improve modern-day communication capabilities in these situations.

What's in it for you?

USAF and AFWERX possess innovation funding to designate towards exploring viable solutions and partnerships to further strengthen the Air Force. USAF has prototype funding available for individuals or companies who propose solutions to this specific challenge. Expert evaluators will carefully examine compelling challenge solutions presented within this crowdsourcing platform, and the best solutions could lead to additional prototyping, R&D and production contracts to be granted after the initial award. Your participation could lead to official recognition for you or your company and the chance to work alongside the Air Force and other DoD agencies to see your concept mature into impactful real-life implementation!