The AFWERX Base of the Future initiative is made up of five challenges targeted at leveraging the best technology to create an integrated base while maintaining security, being resilient and increasing agility. These five challenges are running concurrently but are focused on separate topics.

  • Improving base security and defense while increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing the base resiliency by creating stronger infrastructure and the ability to bounce back quickly
  • Leveraging technology for operational effectiveness
  • Creating a culture of innovation to allow the free sharing of ideas on base and increasing the speed of technology adoption
  • Improving the wellbeing of airmen and their families

The best solutions from these challenges will be invited to attend a showcase event where all the teams will have the opportunity to meet each other, and the evaluation teams will have the opportunity for private meetings and pitches from the teams. The showcase for Base of the Future has been selected to be part of the annual AFWERX Fusion Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness

Help us leverage artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and machine learning to build an Air Force base that becomes a leader in innovation.

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Installation Resilience

Help us create robust and resilient Air Force bases that can withstand natural disasters and supply shortages with minimal loss of power, structure, and operations.

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Base Security and Defense

Help us protect the people and critical resources on our Air Force bases by enhancing our security and strengthening perimeter defenses.

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Empowering Airman and Family Wellbeing

Help us ensure the continued wellbeing of our Airmen and their families with actionable ideas that further create a network of care.

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Culture of Innovation

Help us strengthen and perpetuate a culture of innovation within USAF by improving workforce agility and breaking down barriers to change.

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Summer 2020, AFWERX Fusion is a two-day showcase hosted by AFWERX, the innovation program of the United States Air Force.

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